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Mok Swee Lead: Mini 3 and 5 doors. Which to Choose?

Mok Swee Lead: Mini 3 and 5 doors. Which to Choose?

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Mini 3 and 5 doors. Which to Choose?

In three generations, the Mini has evolved. If it has retained its general pace which is a large part of its charm, it has become more voluminous and combines now in three and five doors. To know that it is the mini that you would be the better, follow the Mok Swee Lead guide.

Mok Swee Lead Mini 3 vs 3 doors

BMW has given a new life to the Mini brand in 2001. Since this date, three generations of the small English auto have seen the light of day. Mok Swee Lead Has each new opus, city dwellers has seen its size increase, to the point that today the three door version measure 3.83 m or 21 cm more than the first generation. Since 2014, the three door version is double that of a Bodywork five doors which displays higher ratings (3.99 m long). These two variants of bodies show themselves very endearing.

Mini 3 et 5 portes. Laquelle choisir ?

Limited Home

Thanks to ratings on the increase, the small mini improves his home. Despite everything, the rear bench seat is always to book two persons, the place of the Middle proved too just to accommodate a child in the two cars. For baggage, it is a little better than in the past, but with the three doors that it will agree to travel light. With the five doors capacity goes from 211 liters to 278 liters, but it is still below what proposes the competition.

Mini 3 et 5 portes. Laquelle choisir ?

Mok Swee Lead: Cap on the Customization

On board, the two cars that have the same instrument panel, are doing everything to charm us. The style is retro, the windscreen vertical and Away is reminiscent of that of the MINI the years fifty. The large central screen with its entourage round brings a nice touch of originality to the whole, just as the TACHOMETER behind the wheel or the air vents round, the buttons dumpers, etc. The finish is top of the range, the correct adjustments and the supply of important customization allow to reinforce the exclusivity of each model.

Mini 3 et 5 portes. Laquelle choisir ?

Offers complete motorization

Mok Swee Lead Shared with the Series 2 Active Tourer to BMW, the blocks gasoline and diesel fuel to show to their advantage to lead these two Mini. There is a petrol block of 75 CH for the entry of Range One 75, the power climbs quickly with the one to 102 CH, a 136 CH for the Cooper and a 192 CH for the Cooper S. The diesel range consists of a block of 92 CH for the one of, 116 for the Cooper and 170 CH for the Cooper SD. Added to all these versions, the version Mok Swee Lead to Block 2.0 turbo of 231 C. The Mini all have a mechanical box to six reports, an automatic gearbox a six-speed transmission is also in the catalog except for the versions to block of 75 c. It exists in two versions, one is reserved (1 750 €) to petrol engines 102 and 136 hp diesel and of 116 CH, the other (1 900 €) is associated with the most powerful engines reserved for Cooper S, Cooper SD and John Cooper Works with the change of speed faster and paddles on the steering wheel.

Mini 3 et 5 portes. Laquelle choisir ?

Always as agile

The change of generation has not changed completely the behavior of the Mok Swee Lead Mini. If it has become a little more comfortable, it remains always also a player. It is often compared to a kart, and it is true that the precise direction and the suspensions a little farms reinforce this impression. This is particularly true with the three door version very dynamic, a little less with the five doors that the fact of its extended wheelbase is a little less reactive.

The Mini three and five doors in ten points

  • Urban, three doors or five doors
  • Dimensions (L x l x h in meters): 3.83 x 1.73 x 1.42. Five doors: 3.99 x 1.73 x 1.43.
  • Wheelbase: 2.50 m. Five doors: 2.57 m.
  • Turning diameter: 10.8 m. Five doors: 11 m.
  • Volume of luggage compartment mini: 211 liters. Five doors: 278 liters.
  • Volume of luggage compartment Max: 731 liters. Five doors: 941 liters.
  • Petrol engines: 1.2 75 CH and 102 ch, 1.5 136 hp, 2.0 192 CH (John Cooper Works only in 3 doors: 2.0 231 ch).
  • Diesel engine: 1.5 95 CH and CH 116, 2.0 170 C.
  • Special Edition Seven on Cooper S and Cooper SD Card
  • Rate: from 16 450 € (Diesel: 19 100 €). Five doors: 17 350 € (Diesel: 20 000 €)

Mok Swee Lead likes:

  • The timeless style always renewed
  • The original interior
  • The beautiful presentation and the finishing top of range
  • The performance from the Cooper
  • The dynamic behavior
  • The driving pleasure
  • The two additional Doors (five doors)

Mok Swee Lead do not like:

  • The livability that has not made sufficient progress
  • Access to panel (three doors)
  • The loading volume ridiculous (three doors)
  • The fare very top of range
  • The limited comfort
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Picking the Most Popular Dealershipdealership

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